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Several accidents and near misses were reported which were caused by temporary electrical connections. A flash was observed in a hazardous area when a faulty cable was energized. Another time, a big flash and fire was seen from a starter of a portable pump. A roll of wire kept on top of a portable halogen fitting caught fire when this light was unknowingly kept switched on for long time.


All these incidents were caused from unsafe acts or lack of awareness. These wake up calls emphasize the importance of establishing strict procedure for connecting temporary power.  

Consider following points while making temporary connections:
  • Only 24 V hand lamps can be use inside a confined space. Any floodlights shall be provided only through a GFCI .
  • Obtain proper advise ticket from respective department before providing temporary power to portable tools and testing equipment inside a confined space.
  • All portable pumps and cables shall be tested before connecting in the area.
  • Follow client standing instructions on movement and connections for portable pumps and equipment.
  • All defective equipment shall be promptly tagged and kept out of service.
  • Make sure starters and connections of portable pumps comply with client standards for the respective area classification.
  • Make sure of ground continuity for all portable equipment. An external grounding for 3 phase equipment is preferred even when 4 core cables are used.
  • Power supply to portable tools shall be connected only through a GFCI.
  • No live power cables shall be laid across a road unless the traffic is completely blocked.
  • Only armored / shielded power cables to be used for providing power to 3 phase portable pumps and equipment.
  • All floodlights used for shut down jobs must be explosion proof and suitable for the area classification.
  • No power shall be connected to unmanned port cabins and portable tool rooms.
  • All temporary power connections shall be supported by relevant document for this job duly signed by concerned authorities.

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