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Toolbox Talks – Lockout – Tagout (LOTO)

Toolbox Talks – Lockout – Tagout (LOTO)

Anyone who operates, cleans, services, adjusts, and repairs machinery or equipment should be aware of the hazards associated with that machinery. Any powered machinery or electrical equipment that may move in a way that might put people at risk may be a hazard which will be prevented by following locking or tagging procedures. Failure to Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) on equipment may result in electrocutions, amputations, and other serious- sometimes fatal accidents.

Lockout - tagout (LOTO)

Remember the risks and get on your guard around any machinery and moving equipment. Even if you don’t operate the machinery, you could get caught in it and injured if it isn’t properly disconnected. So what are you able to do to stop injury from moving machinery?


Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) Safety

  • Ensure you understand what hazardous energy is associated with your equipment while planning to carry out any task.
  • Ensure you understand all the energy that could pose a hazard to you and your team (electric, gravity, water, pneumatic, hydraulic, steam, etc).
  • Ensure you control the energy associated with your equipment and mitigate against an accidental release of the energy through the lockout, tag-out or alternative measures identified for your specific equipment.
  • Test the energy after you suspect it to be isolated. This is one of the foremost overlooked steps and possibly the foremost important.
  • Follow the procedures regarding Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) to for all aspects
  • Only trained, competent and authorized person can work with locks and keys
  • Use control and craft locks in line with the Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) procedure
  • Control all keys associated with locks at all times. Do not give keys to unauthorized persons
  • Craft lock keys are to be secured in a controlled lock box when not in use.
  • Never remove a lock or tag without authorization
  • Be aware of your personal safety and therefore the safety of others when working with or around moving equipment and machinery. Always follow proper lockout and tag-out procedures, even for a fast or minor repair!
  • Plan and always concur with any other disciplines in your area or work on the equipment up or downstream. Your work and isolation could have an impact on their safety! Make sure they fully understand your work scope.
  • Ensure all your documents associated with the task and work permit are complete.
  • Only trained and authorized persons to enter energized buildings.
  • Any unforeseen occurrence work is to stop and reported


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