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Toolbox Talks – Desert Insects, Animals And Reptiles

If you work in desert then you will find Insects, Animals And Reptiles at work place.  for necessary precautions read full article:
    1. There are several kinds of desert animals, reptiles and insects in the desert which are potentially dangerous. Leave all of these creatures alone and they will not pose any threat to you.
    2. Do not feed wild dogs or cats. Leaving food out will also encourage mice and rats.  Rabies is prevalent in the Mid-East and becoming friendly with wild dogs and cats could result in getting bitten by a animal with rabies.
    3. Sand vipers, a poisonous snake, have been found in work areas.
    4. Scorpions are also common in Kuwait as are spiders and other insects which bite.
    5. Report any animal and snake bite or scorpion sting by radio or telephone to client emergency center by phone or radio.

If a person is bitten by desert animal or insects, the following First Aid should be performed:

If the victim is more than 10 minutes from the hospital, place a band above the bite or above the joint closest to the bite.

so Do not move the person.  Keep the victim calm and call for Emergency Assistance.

If available place an ice pack, or ice cube on the sting.  Transport the employee if he is suffering from shock to the close hospital.

Ice cubes or an ice pack should be used to relieve pain.  If the bite does not heal within a few days, or becomes infected, the victim should report to the hospital.

The victim should immediately report to the hospital for tests and, if necessary, treatment. The Medical Officer of

Health should diagnose the bite and notify the detail to the Veterinarian for observation of the animal.

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Toolbox Talks – Employees Health And Safety Responsibilities

Employees Health And Safety Responsibilities

Today we will explain Employees Health And Safety Responsibilities

  • All employees are responsible for health & safety.  So Compliance with Client Fire & Safety Regulations and safe work practices is mandatory.
  • Client Fire & Safety Regulations are available at Safety department. and all employees should read the regulations and be familiar with the content.
  • The correct personal protective equipment must be worn at all times as per assign work.
  • Always use the appropriate safety appliances to enable you to carry out your duties in a safe manner.
  • Need to encourage employees to pursue safety as an equal goal to production, maintenance, engineering, office work, or any other job function.
  • Company Management must provide a safe and healthy workplace and the equipment and procedures to safely overcome any workplace hazard.
  • Do not take any risk which may cause an injury or other accident. Report near miss, unsafe conditions and acts to your supervisor & Safety department.
  • Safety department is available for consultation, report all workplace hazards to safety department.
  • Company Management is also responsible for health & safety of employees, management should provide Safe environment, Healthy food & Safe accommodation to employees.

Employees Health And Safety Responsibilities need  explain to all employees.

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Accident Investigation Procedure

Accident Investigation Aim:

All incidents are reported and investigated to find out root cause and to develop a action plan to prevent recurrence.
The purpose of the incident investigation and reporting system is lesson must be learned and appropriate corrective actions shall be taken to prevent its recurrence.
Thus the objective are,
  1. All incidents which have the potential to harm people, assets, environments or company image have been properly notified, reported and investigated.
  2. Corrective action shall be taken to prevent further recurrence.
  3. Lesson learned are literally communicated to all.
  4. Effectiveness of system can be audited and measured.

Incident investigation procedure:
  1. Proceed to incident scene immediately and initiate action to bring the incident under control.
  2.  Writing board, measuring tape, camera, scale shall bring while coming for investigation.
  3. Advise the supervisor to barricade and secure the scene including protection it from weather.
  4.  Ensure medical treatment for injured and if more serious send him to clinic.
  5. Time and weather conditions should be noted.
  6. Take action to ensure the safety of the other people at the same and to avoid any further escalation of the incident.
  7. Collect physical evidence, data records and take photo for report.
  8.  Conduct initial interviews of key witness and collect witness statements.
  9. Check the activity in progress and equipment if involve.
  10. Work permit and other document should be collected.
  11. Position of personnel and equipment.

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