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Toolbox Talks – Unsafe behavior in the workplace: It Can’t Happen To Me!

Our Today’s Toolbox Talks Topic Is Unsafe behavior in the workplace: “It Can’t Happen To Me”

Unsafe behavior in the workplace:  “It can’t happen to me”, maybe you have said it yourself. If not said, most of us have at least thought it sometimes or the other. Usually we think it just before we do something that is less unsafe or may be quite a bit unsafe. We know the safe way to do it, but we take that chance. We are in effect saying, “I know this could result in an accident, but it can’t happen to me”.

Why can’t it happen to you? What makes you so special? Why take chances in the first place? Sooner or later the person who keeps saying “It can’t happen to me” will wind up saying “If only I had………..”

“If only I had worn my safety glasses, I wouldn’t have lost my eye”.

“If only I had walked instead of run, I wouldn’t have tripped and broken my leg”

“If only I had taken my ring off, I wouldn’t have lost my finger on the machine”.

The next time you find yourself saying, “It can’t happen to me,” remember that anything can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere, if they act in an unsafe manner or are exposed to an unsafe condition.

All of us should remember that, a person with “It can’t happen to me” behavior is unsafe & dangerous. He may escape himself, but, he may expose others around him to injury from an unsafe act or condition. If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, tell him about it. If you see an unsafe condition, report it.

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