Man Basket Safety – Basic Safety Requirements

Today  our topic is Man Basket Safety & we will cover basic safety requirenments of manbasket.

Man Basket Safety – Basic Safety Requirements

  • Third party certificate for man basket, slings, and master link should be available.
  • Factor of safety for man basket and sling should be 7:1.
  • Any man basket activity is considered as a critical and hence risk assessment shall be done prior to job.
  • Load test shall be done by putting sand bag/related capacity load before sending of personnel every time.
  • Angle of wire rope sling to basket should be more than 45^ (because if angle is less, sling of the basket will be subjected to maximum stress)
  • Two tag lines shall be used to control the swinging of man basket.
  • Life line shall be installed above the crane hook.
  • Inspection of all PPE before use.
  • Approved fall protection equipment should be wear.

Author: Afnan Tajuddin

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