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Toolbox Talks – Explosive Ordnance

Our today’s Toolbox Talks topic is Explosive Ordnance
Ask EOD section if they have posters or illustrated booklets that you can hand to each person at the talk.
  1. Always be aware that explosive Ordnance could be in your work area.  Inspect your areas, especially new work places for any suspicious objects.  Report any findings to your supervisor.
  2. Types :
    •    Grenades, Rocket propelled grenades (RPG), Mortars, Shells, Mines.
    •    Allied  Sub-ordnance, Rockeyes, Bombs. Shells.
  3. Biggest danger is allied sub ordnance – many did not explode on impact, some are damaged.  NEVER TOUCH FOR ANY REASON.
  4. Do not enter any area which is not certified “Cleared”.  If you are not sure if an area is cleared, supervisors should contact Safety Div (EOD).
  5. Do not enter bunkers and weapon pits, there may be grenades or booby traps.
  6. If you are driving do not leave black top road except on cleared sand roads.  In many cases the hard shoulder contains unexploded sub-ordnance.
  7. Do not collect souvenirs of bullets, shells, etc.
  8. If you see anything which looks suspicious, or of which you are not sure, leave it alone and call your supervisor.

If you have some booklets hand them out to attendees.


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