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Toolbox Talk Housekeeping

housekeepingOur Today’s Toolbox talk topic is housekeeping at workplace.

PREPARATION: Have a look around the area and make a note of examples of good and bad housekeeping to illustrate your Toolbox Talk.

  • Always maintain good housekeeping at the site. Good housekeeping always attracts client and visitors & good housekeeping shows the professionalism of the workforce.
  • Always maintain adequate housekeeping at the site. because poor housekeeping is a big obstruction in an emergency situations.
  • always maintain adequate material management at the site. barricade the material & post signages.
  • Do not block any access or walk way by material or waste.
  • Waste materials and rubbish are a fire risk and an accident hazard
  • We have to collect waste at a designated location by waste type.
  • Waste containers shall be located at suitable places on site.
  • Do not allow oily rags to accumulate, they can ignite spontaneously. Always clean Spilled liquids immediately by the spill kit.
  • Food bins have tightly fitting lids and ALways remove food waste from the site not less than once per day.
  • Do not bring extra material from the materials yard, always take the required material from the material yard.  because It gets in the way and leads to poor housekeeping & poor material management. Return Extra materials to the material yard or store.
  • Always keep tools in the toolbox.
  • All work areas must be keep orderly and clean on a DAILY basis.


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