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Toolbox Talk – Hand Tools Safety

Our today’s toolbox talk topic is hand tools safety. we will explain definition of hand tools, hazards & precautions of hand tools.

Hand tools are tools that are powered manually. Hand tools include anything from axes to wrenches.

Toolbox Talk Hand Tools Safety

The greatest hazards posed by hand tools result from misuse and improper maintenance.

Some examples include the following :-

  • Use the correct tool for the job. Never use a spanner as a hammer.
  • Iron or Steel hand tools may produce sparks that can be an ignition source.
  • Blunt edged tools cause more injuries than sharp tools.
  • Always keep unsheathed knives, and other sharp tools in a safe place, not in your pocket.
  • Never use a file without a handle. File shanks are dangerous.
  • If:
    • a screwdriver is used as a chisel, the tip of the screwdriver may break and fly off, hitting the user or other people.
    • a wooden handle on a tool ,such as a hammer or an axe, is loose , splintered, or cracked, the head of the tool may fly off and strike the user or others.
    • the jaws of a wrench are sprung, the wrench might slip.
    • impact tools such as chisels, wedges or drift pins have mushroomed heads, the head might shatter on impact, sending sharp fragments flying towards user or others.

It is important to maintain hand tools in good condition.

Hand tools safety precautions:
  • Wooden handles shall be kept free from splinters and cracks.
  • Wood handles for hammers and sledgehammers shall be secured with tapered wedges.
  • Steel wedges, spanners, hammers, etc, shall be free from burrs.
  • Non-sparking brass tools, chisels, etc, should be trimmed down to prevent “mushrooming” the head of the tool.
  • Files should have proper handles. Avoid using files with bare tangs.
  • Always wear eye protection when using striking tools.
  • When using a hammer to strike a spanner, chisel, etc, the tool being hit shall not be held by hand. Always hold a striking tool in place with rope, stiff wire loop, or other means to keep the hands away from being hit by the hammer.

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