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Toolbox Talk – Scaffolding Safety

Our today’s Toolbox Talks topic is Scaffolding Safety so Today we will talk about scaffolding safety. It is safe to assume that just about everybody has heard of a scaffolding accident.

Toolbox Talk – Scaffolding Safety

In many of those cases, faulty design and inadequate construction of the scaffolding was involved but, in most case, scaffold accidents are caused by poor maintenance and improper use.
To help keep your Scaffolding Safety, follow these simple procedures:
1.Ensure that the scaffolding is built as per client safety standards.
2.Inspect the scaffolding daily before using them; Check the guard rails, connectors, fastening, footing, tie-ins and bracing.
3.Ensure ladders are intact and secured.
4.Check for inspection tags ( Green or Red ) before using scaffolding. scaffolding should be use if geen tag available. Red or no tag means the scaffold is unsafe.
5.Keep platforms closely boarded, fenced and securely fastened.
6.Don’t stockpile materials on the scaffolds: remove all materials and tools at the end of the day.
7.Never overload scaffolds.
8.Don’t work on scaffolds during storms or high winds.
9.Protect the scaffolds; don’t bump or strike against the scaffolds with vehicles or materials and control hoisted material from the ground with taglines.
10.Keep the platforms and area around the scaffold cleared of debris and unneeded equipment, material and other hazards that will cause a worker to trip or fall.
11.Use safety belts, and tie it offif you are working above 1.8 meter.

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