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Safety Toolbox Talk: Hand Safety at Work

Safety Toolbox Talk: Hand Safety at Work
Safety Toolbox Talk: Hand Safety at Work


Every year, numerous workers suffer from finger injuries while performing tasks such as drilling, cutting, grinding work, or getting pinched or compressed between steel structures and pipe installations. Most of these incidents occur due to overconfidence and carelessness so lets’ understand Hand Safety at Work.

Understanding the Value of Our Hands

Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects as human hands can. They are one of our greatest assets and must be protected and cared for.

Hand Injury Contributory Possible Factors at Site

Several factors contribute to hand injuries at the worksite:

  • Crushing/Pinch Points
  • Hand and powered tools
  • Sharp objects
  • Dropped Objects
  • Struck by moving parts
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Temperature extremes
  • Electricity

What Can We Do to Improve and Reduce Hand & Finger Injuries? : Hand Safety at Work

To reduce the risk of hand and finger injuries, we can adopt several preventive measures:

  1. Wear Required Safety Gloves: Always wear appropriate safety gloves while working. They serve as the first line of defense against potential hazards.
  2. Identify the Hazards: Be aware of the potential risks associated with your task. Recognizing the dangers can help you take necessary precautions.
  3. Discuss Hazards in Pre-Task-Talk (PTT): Before starting a task, discuss potential hazards and safety measures with your team during a Pre-task-talk (PTT).
  4. Follow Correct Procedures: Follow the correct procedures or work method statements for each task. It can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.
  5. Adapt to Changing Situations: If things are not going according to plan, adjust your strategy with job authority personnel’s consideration.
  6. Stop the Job if Necessary: If you see someone doing something wrong, don’t hesitate to stop them. It’s better to prevent an accident than to deal with its consequences.
  7. Follow Safety Rules & Regulations: Always adhere to the safety rules and regulations at your worksite. They are designed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Your hands and fingers are invaluable assets. Protect them diligently as they can’t be grown back. Remember, in the battle between steel and your body, especially your hands and fingers, your body will never win.


Hand and finger injuries can be debilitating, impacting not just our work but also our daily lives. By understanding the potential hazards at our worksites and taking proactive steps to mitigate these risks, we can significantly reduce the incidence of these injuries. Remember, safety is a shared responsibility, and it begins with you. So, let’s pledge to protect our hands and fingers because we certainly need them for today and all our tomorrows.

Discussion Questions

  • What types of tasks at our worksite pose the most significant risk for hand and finger injuries?
  • Can you share a time when you or a colleague prevented a hand or finger injury by following safety protocols?
  • How can we improve our current safety measures to further reduce the risk of hand and finger injuries?

This Toolbox Talk is designed to foster a culture of safety awareness and continuous improvement. Let’s keep the conversation going and make our workplace safer for everyone.

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